Do you agree with the importance of expanding knowledge, networks and of course provide support to grow?

Would you like to take a full article in the next issue of the magazine WOMAN LEADER MAGAZINE where your brand and you will be protagonists?

Want to be a #POWER WOMAN and join a community of #jefazas?

¡Genial!, It is the time to finally differentiate your efforts to make sense and meaning.


We celebrate an enriching experience get the tools and knowledge needed to drive Branding your business and helping you turn your resources into value. We expand networks with women capable of generating positive impacts on the world through their companies. We have the presence of WOMAN LEADER MAGAZINE with whom we will learn all about networking and referral marketing as it helps us in our company.

Next Thursday 20 September only 10 lucky you get out of your comfort zone and never come back.

Each project will raise, every business and every brand to the level where companies position themselves able to inspire and improve the world. 'Unstoppable Boards!!.

A working session focused on learning #workshop, enjoy and develop our physical levels, emotional and mental energy to acquire all our projects need. A day of hard work where we will spend also OK '!!

It is only compete with one, synergies, remove barriers and engage in a stimulating experience to propel community.

To participate, Tell us briefly what your business, project or brand and why you want to be part of this experience.

You can become one of the 10 jefazas that form part WoMan BUSINESS BRANDING EXPERIENCE.

contact in:





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