Since the mid-twentieth century, young people began throwing different messages with their clothing trends becoming a media and artistic support, exploited by social groups with diverse interests. The meanings of these emitted, They became ambiguous and parallel emerged new areas of elitism: They emerged different codes fashionable among youth sectors being accepted or understood only by them.

The #coolhunter be received by the time the ideas are born and are adopted by the public globally. From these groups or from concepts from the #arte, iconography and political; It is where we extract more information evenings brands take inspiration for their collections.

There are powerful tools that allow us to maintain our diversity and overall aesthetic individuality lifestyle. In the industry #moda, the #coolhunting or #tendencias approach is a widely used resource, Although not as well known.

The #coolhunting aims to exercise a bridge between the consumer what you saw in the present and as may be their wardrobe in the coming months and years.

The trend forecasting helps us predict which products should be designed according to social parameters, behavior, consumer and of course, to maintain creativity and diversity conceptually # when designing a collection #.

This way we keep #coolhunters few steps ahead of the consumer, knowing their tastes and offering a useful and attractive fashionable also minimizes risks and saves efforts in companies responsible for developing these collections.

Identify trends in a methodical way through #coolhunting is necessary in all areas of fashion and lifestyle, from the #design, the making, sales, the operations, marketing and visual of each brand. The #coolhunting inspires us to evolve your business, conquer your customers and markets and reduce risks in product development.

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