I am a creative and restless spirit, that for more than a decade, It has been part of the creative teams of large corporations fashion as Martinelli, Pikolinos, Mustang and Roberto Verino among others.

In 2016 I launched my own shoe collection: “Antidote”; la cual nació para contar historias a través de los zapatos y acabó siendo el catalizador de un sin fin de fascinantes proyectos en los que la IMPLICACIÓN se convierte en la piedra angular de mi negocio.

Since then, BRANDING, strategic communication and brand design are the inspiration with which we evolve and elevate our design vision to a broader approach.

By CREATIVE DIRECTION; DESIGN branding strategies companies primarily driving fashion and footwear sales, communicating their stories and conveying aesthetic criteria based on CONSISTENCY.


“What better it is given me in life is to design stories through images that speak of your business”.