FAST FASHION IS ALL THE BURDEN, It is the second dirtiest PLANET.

Dice Yohji Yamamoto, the god of those who own practice antifashion, that is to say, of those who are more modern than fashion itself that : "Fast fashion loads all. processes not enjoy, no creativity, there is nothing".

The industry fast fashion It is already considered environmental emergency!.

If we analyze the data, They are quite alarming… The fashion industry is the second most polluting of the planet after oil, and the second most contaminated water followed by the electrical industry, producing 20% wastewater generated globally.

Clearly, the industry must change its gears #moda and be responsible to the environment, But are we really willing to change our consumption habits ??

Beyond an alarming environmental impact, he fast fashion also it has social consequences. If the trend of population growth continues in this line, It is estimated that 2050 They will require three times more natural resources than in the year 2000 to support this industry, responsible for 26% of the culprits of global warming gases.

Facts and reason enough to take responsibility for our consumption habits.

My aim is that companies and brands that I accompany consistently convey differential value and impact positively on the planet making this world a better place to live.

We speak?

Sabina <3


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