When Woman Leader Magazine I proposed to organize an event fashion Y design, in addition to feeling very excited, it was clear from the start line with which this project would start. I knew I would do his best for to value and support the movement slow-fashion, design copyright and of course its creators.

From a young age I have been linked to the world the picture, styling and design. After working as a designer and creative director with relevant firms in our country Roberto Verino, Martinelli, Mustang Y Pikolinos and after creating my own eponymous firm footwear and accessories Sabina Teruel, I have experienced firsthand the difficulties that you encounter in everyday life. The emotional burden associated with creating your own Collections, develop endless completely different tasks each day the previous and especially how vulnerable you are confronting such a competitive market and so little used to assess days, weeks and months of frustration and pure joy with which each piece is made of a collection.

With the premise of putting solution to this frustration which I know we share almost all the designers who undertake the way to pursue our dream shaping our creativity in magnificent pieces so that the street is full of personality and feeling of satisfaction when you know that what you wear it has been done with care, passion and a lot of art.

ALL DESIGNERS GO TO HEAVEN, It is a collective of designers and emerging brands; It is a feeling shared, an experience and a new way to enjoy design.  Which all use the same language, where together we are even better and we learn from each other all the enthusiasm knowing that we invest will become achievement by our intention to evolve.

Meet some of our brands:

palometa study He delights us with its universe of unique and very feminine pieces to become the hallmark of the contemporary women

Gustavo Lemos an artist's Sewing measurement, sharer with its needle in competitions as Miss Argentina Y Top Model of The World you will have the opportunity to meet in person.

Cubero Quesada the designer proclaimed winner of the ninth edition of young designers of the International Fashion Fair in Tenerife with his latest collection … You will surprise proposal.

Destellos Mediterranean Jewels  creating art jewelry, inspired by the Mediterranean light and prepared with the warmth of the sun, the brightness of its crystal clear waters and beauty of the Mediterranean women have paraded on the catwalk with Maria Escoté and now personalized; You can also visit.

Sepiia uses fiber garment providing maximum performance. mentions The country, The confidential, Forbes, Expansion, ABC, Flash Moda. They are smart shirts, or they shrivel or are stained shirts future, I mean this.

Yvan Andreu It presents a collection that evokesFuturism minimalist. The designer Japanese anime plasma with a psychedelic touch.

Pilar designer Thomas is crafts and pure pampering, colorists full complements of affection.

malo Moya In their designs Plasma everything for her means fashion in women, in a confident woman herself, sensual, women and working.

If you have a brand with a story to tell contact us:


You can also follow us through social networks @alldesignersgotoheaven

Sabina <3.


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