BRANDING to support your BRAND VALUES.

Some time ago we talked about #Branding in Informacion.es.

I wanted to share here, to show my appreciation to all companies that are committed every day evolve their brands making them strong. And it will no longer sell products or services are simple; Ideas are sold with personality.

Diario Información said well:

Experts are clear reference to the importance of #Branding. "Anyone who does not work its own brand tend to disappear", ensures expert #Branding Sabina Teruel, which has more than ten years experience in the design industry and footwear, and this June, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Footwear Components (AEC), It offers a masterclass in Elche companies in the province.

Teruel Sabina says that "companies, whether the sector to be, They need to focus not only on providing a service or a product, but offer more customer, an experience that leads to brand consumption ".

Many companies, expert points #Branding, make the mistake of focusing on the economic development of the company and not pay attention that due to the development of the brand, what, points, "It is not just a logo to put the product".

Expert in brand development makes clear that it is not that employers forget management, but I take it all as a set, to have a strong company and, both, a brand able to connect with the public in a coherent way.

For this, Teruel Sabina believes that companies should start using development tools for the brand to have values ​​and missions. And all this leads them to make a story, apostil, "For developing the brand and convey the message reaches the end consumer '.

Aspects that do not occur in all businesses, and that make the difference between companies that come forward, in any market, and they just disappear without further.

Diario Información and thanks to the commitment of the industry to evolve their brands.



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