A success that Cadena Ser has concentrated some of the great popularizers of Branding on the national scene to support brand building through companies in #BrandingDayAlicante.

 A fascinating morning that we were privileged to hear and interact with Elsa Punset Speaking of emotions in humans. He told us very curious aspects of our brains and gave us some tips to program in a more positive way; And this mysterious muscle is a Velcro and Teflon evil for good, and it is our responsibility to constantly educate for a healthy mental and physical health commented.

 One of the pills that caught my attention was the "bottle for happiness" by Elizabeth Gilbert, the famous author of Come, Pray and Love. Consists in:

  1. Todos los días piensa en algo que te haga feliz. Puede ser una broma que te contaron, a hug that gave you, something you accomplished or left you a teaching that someone you met in the día.Deber be as honest as possible and nothing to force things, remember that happiness can be as simple.
  2. Write it on a piece of paper. You can put together small pieces of paper color you want. No rules! Just try to be small to fit into the bottle.
  3. Daily deposit your role in frasco.La idea is to do it every day, but if things in life I can not you do it or you forget, do not worry, you can do it later. Just do not forget to think about every day on something good. As you can, Place your reflection in the jar.
  4. Read messages when you feel that nothing will WAITER most special of this project is to remember the good when you're in the middle of a storm. So when you feel the low mood or confused by something, out and read one of the messages of the bottle. These are reminders of all that has brought you calm and happiness so there is nothing like having it always present.

 The day was developed with speakers also from the likes of General Director Cristina Vicedo Futurebrand, Nina Llordachs marketing director Securitas Direct, Paloma Cruz director of portfolio expansion Coca Cola and local roundtable with successful companies like Pepe Llorca of Cabanan Holding, Alejandra Pérez Director of Marketing Clinic and Cayetano Sanchez Triora Sánchez Butrón Abogados every one got a very interesting about what it means to base a business vision and values ​​the importance of it to create brand, made with which I absolutely agree.

 Juan Grana CEO Neurologyca He was responsible to shake our neurons and question the power of each purchase decision. Graña showed us through their experiential laboratory, how it affects neuromarketing in both main and original functions of the human being: "Having more and procreate" Fascinating '!!!

 And finally one of my admired teacher Andy Stalman mr. Branding who claims and with whom I share that "the future is written from actions". This is no time to adapt to change, must be created. Marks to suit, are the brands followers. The optimist always has a project, the pessimist an excuse. Finding a solution to every problem. Ideal conditions do not exist. The best time to create your strategy Branding yesterday. The only transformer action. Any good misconstrued notion ends up being a bad idea and that it is essential to tell the story of your brand to mark people.

Then José María Rull CEO DDB He moved us all, with some of the viral campaigns as #roldelamujer # trabajojóven have been able to raise public awareness about the prejudices of today the importance of creativity for culture. Culture without ideas is nothing. The technology does not address your changes is not enough.

 And as icing on the great Mario Vaquerizo and his boundless spontaneity of both society has to learn. Pump already passed when I went to their concert with Nancys Rubias and when I saw her live version tertuliana. Told us to show himself as it is for him is an act of freedom. It is considered multifaceted, as shown is one thing or another almost all, but the best of it is the ease with which accepts the fact and laughs at himself when he commented that a Martian ye-ye. The importance of owning yourself and believe in what you do. And that recognition is self.

 Congratulations to the organization Radio Cadena SER to excel in each event and each presenter laying out his vision for companies to be aware of the importance of branding as a means of momentum and growth for brands.




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